Sterling the simple budget planner

Simply does it

Sterling has been crafted for simplicity. No clutter, no pages of options or complicated statistics to wade through - just you and your budget.

Its gorgeous, minimalist design is as easy to use as a piece of scrap-paper, letting you save your energy for what's really important.

What If...?

Most money-managing apps are about tracking what you already spent, sort of like a bank statement. Sterling turns this on its head and helps you plan what you're going to spend instead.

A simple tap of the lightbulb brings down a 'What If?' sheet to juggle your budget around on. It looks gorgeous, and it's wonderfully simple and helpful. It's a great way to find extra room in your budget.


  • Powerful. Literally anything is possible on a What-If: add, delete and change absolutely everything. It's all in a safe, clean space for you to plan on.
  • Flexible. Make a one-off budget, or plan it weekly, monthly or annually starting whenever you like.
  • Helpful. The most important thing. Try it and see for yourself.

Sterling is now available on the iPhone - check it out!

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